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02-24-2010, 05:18 PM
I have an ostomy. It empties on the front of me so it hits the front of the toilet and is a pain in the tush to clean.... we plan to look at elongated ones but we were also wondering if there is a toilet that has water that washes from the front of the bowl as well as the sides. thanks for your input. bonnie

02-24-2010, 06:40 PM
Most bowls will rinse all the way around the bowl.

Some of the Old American Standard had little rinse at the front,
And the Kohler Cimarron has little rinse at the back.

The Toto bowl rinse is even.
You would be safe with a Toto Drake, Toto Drake II, Toto Ultramax, American Standard Cadet 3
These should rinse fine for you.
Models with Sanagloss are even better.

My main baths have the double cyclone flush, Ultramax II and Drake II with Sanagloss.
From the bowls I've tried, the TOTO products with double cyclone and Sanagloss work well with the Ostomy.

I've used these people before for supplies

My Ostomy was removed on November 18th 2011
But I did have one for eighteen months, which allowed me to try many different styles of bowls. Some were horrible at rinsing. There were a few pressure assist bowls that took five flushes to clear it.
The Toto bowls were able to single flush it.

You need the elongated bowl, and I would get the higher bowl. The II series by TOTO have the high bowl, the Sanagloss finish and the Double Cyclone rinse. All good things for someone with an Ostomy.

02-03-2012, 06:50 AM
My father-in-law had a bathroom built. The plumber knew about his ostomy, and how difficult it was to direct where the contents of his bag ended up. This plumber adapted a urinal to work perfectly for my father-in-laws needs. It is hard to fit a urinal into an existing bathroom...so if you ever build a new home, or add on to your existing home, you may want to contact a plumber who is inovative.

I'm surprised the plumbing world has not come out with a bathroom device to serve those who have to empty a bag. I'm sure there must be plumbers out there who have had one themselves, and understand the difficulties.