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02-17-2010, 04:18 PM
About 3 years ago I came to this site looking for toilet recommendations.
I ended up with the Toto RF Drake CST743S and the Toto EL Drake CST744S.
I love the Toto's toilets. I have no problems with rounded front but the elongated one has given us some problems. Namely the flushing power. Sometimes it fine, but most times it seems like there's no force behind the flush. Often I will hear noise coming from the tank. I know I'm not being super clear about the problem - I was just wondering if the elongated fronts are more prone to be problematic. Thanks in advance.

Also, do the rounded fronts and elongated fronts use the same tanks?

02-17-2010, 04:34 PM
There are four drake bowls and one tank for the 1.6 gallon.

The only difference between the elongated and round bowl is the 1.5" at the end of the bowl.

You can see the same thing by looking at the side.
Same bowl, Same trapway, but one bowl extends just a little longer where it meets the end of the seat.

Have you run a auger down the trapway to make sure the kids aren't dropping toys in the bowl?

02-17-2010, 10:16 PM
Thanks Terry. I'm pretty sure nothing is stuck in the trapway. I did notice that when I kept then handle down for a longer flush that's when I would run into problems. I took the tank lid off and notice that the fill valve was the one was making the noise. It looks like its running but the water wasn't filling up to the water line. The noise isn't loud - its more like a hissing sound. Do you think something about is wrong with fill valve? Or do you think its that flapper? Not a tight enough seal?
Can I fix this myself? Do I need to order new parts from toto?


02-18-2010, 10:23 AM
If the tank is not filling, then there may be a bad flapper.
So.........if you flush with less then a full tank, then yes.......that's not much of a flush.

The staring point, is to have a tank that seals, and holds water for the next flush.

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