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01-15-2010, 09:22 PM
Ok, Let us open a door to some thing here.

Would like to know if any one and I mean any one has had any challenges with the MortonŽ System SaverŽ II salt, the one with the resin cleaner in it.

Now this is from their web site...
"MortonŽ System SaverŽ II Formula Pellets are made from a very high purity salt combined with the patented System SaverŽ II formula to make your water softener work better. Look for it in our new, redesigned bag.

* Patented formula contains softener resin cleaning additives
* Salt and cleaning additives are thoroughly flushed from the system during resin regeneration.

Now I know what it says, thoroughly flushed from the system during resin regeneration. But I am wondering if maybe some is left behind.

A customer changed to total System Saver II 3 years ago and some thing like hard water spots have showed up in the same time frame.

Softener is still delivering soft water , clear on that part..
Softener is still delivering Iron free water.. clear on that part..


Gary Slusser
01-16-2010, 11:11 AM
I don't know anything about it and tell my customers to use solar crystal salt and if needed how to manually use Iron Out etc. on a timed basis instead of buying salt with a resin cleaner in it. It works better and usually is less expensive.