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12-22-2009, 03:45 PM
hey guys

new to the forum but here is what i got going on
i got this lasco whirlpool tub from a friend its about 3 years old he never installed it but its been in his shop it has one corner that has a small chuck broke out of the very corner about the size of a quarter other then that it is in good shape
any way i am putting it in place of my old tub
i cut the old one out and have slid it into my bathroom and put it on 4 4x4 x 39 inch cedar post it is level but the thing i am not sure of is this
on the 4 corners am i suppose to make some kind of support for underneth those corners the 4x4 are on concret so i am sure the floor of the tub will be fine but its the sides i am wordering about when i fill it with water will it come apart on me
and on the faucet part i plan on putting a waterfall faucet on it but i want to put it on the right side on the tub not at the end where the drain and over flow pipe is if i put it on the side on the rail of the tub when i drill that 3/4 inch hole will that weaken the tub and make it burst
thanks for your help