View Full Version : Should I drill hole in shower fitting larger?

12-12-2009, 02:36 PM
I was just looking at my new Moen fixtures and noticed that the hole drilled in the elbow for the hand-held shower head is very small. It is about a 1/4 inch (maybe less). All my plumbing is 1/2 pipe and 3/4 inch. While I have this off, should I drill it out to perhaps 3/8"?
Here are some pictures of what I'm talking about.

12-12-2009, 03:19 PM
Don't mess with it. Nothing good will come of that!

12-13-2009, 02:09 AM
Okay. I kind of thought if it was too small, Moen would have heard/known about it and made the hole bigger, but my perpensity to improve (or break) everything I touch sometimes gets the best of me. I'll leve it as the Moen engineers intended it to be.