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chris fox
10-23-2009, 08:31 AM
I was tasked with updating our bathroom hardware from the gold/chrome builder special to brushed nickle same brand - Price Pfister. (Pull out to turn on and turn left/right for hot and cold)

I was hoping to switch out the nickel trim plate and handle on the existing valve. Pretty close fit but had some wiggle in the handle especialy when the water was on - handle pulled out.

I reseached and found a retro kit 931-930 $20 bucks at a local plumbing store. I tried to install this but found nothing really fit in terms of how far the adapter piece stuck out which in return the mounting screw was not long enough. So the idea of picking up a longer length screw dosent help me since the screw head is custom which allows for the set screw on the handle to set in to.
Also by the pic whe the handle is pulled out all the way the collar dosent hide the inner stem its open about .125" - not my biggest concern at this point.

So where I am now:
- I have the newer version on(per the pic) but it has alot of wiggle. my kids use this bathroom and this will get some abuse during baths i.e. kids pulling on the handle.
- Is there another retro kit that I was not told about.
- Is it possible the original is not a PF brand - I am 90% sure
- Do I need to do some of my own retrofitting.
- Another option - remove the cultured marble wall board and sweat on the new control valve.

Attached is a pic of the new version on in the kids bath, pic of what I replaced hoping that someone woudl be familar with this brand/model number by the pic. The 3rd pic is the instruction sheet of the retro fit kit from PF -931-930?

Thanks in advance...

10-23-2009, 03:03 PM
Regarding your first photo, and the incomplete coverage of the stem, I have the exact same issue on a handle that I am installing - the "adapter" that one is supposed to use for a "thick" wall (i.e.one with tile over cementboard) sticks out way too far.

The instructions are just pictures, with no dimensions whatsoever to show how far out the adapter is supposed to protrude - so mine is like yours, incomplete coverage...

I too want to see what people say on this - typically, should the adapter be trimmed prior to installation, and by how much - just enough for a "perfect" fit?

chris fox
10-23-2009, 07:31 PM
I was thinking of doing my own retro fit work. I figure I would have to trim the white delrin plastic (keyed looking piece) by about half in order to get the custom screw to fit. I may tackle this tomorrow.

I too was hoping people to have the solution for this, this seems to be a common retrofit job. I was told the style I am replacing was a popular finish at the time(1994-95).

Do you have the same piece - Price Pfister/Contempra model your trying to install?