View Full Version : Dishwasher Hookup Help

10-20-2009, 11:45 AM
Hi All... I have a quick question. I am new to plumbing fixes but with my 1939 home I am hoping to get a handle on how to tackle some projects on my own. I am working on re-installing my dishwasher with a new water line. I am looking at buying the Anderson Barrows 3/8" EZ-Connect Adapter to install right above the shut off valve on my hot water side under my sink and then connect to that the Larsen Supply Co 10-0996 3/8x3/8x96 Appliance Connector to run over to my dishwasher and re-hook up. Is there a way I can confirm that the 3/8" EZ-Connect will fit on my current shut off valve under my sink? I noticed they make a 1/4" EZ-Connect. Wasn't sure if I needed that size? And does this all sound like the best way to tackle this project? Sorry for the stupid questions. Just wanting to do it right. I understand what I need to buy but just not sure what size of everything I need. Thanks in advance for your help!