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10-19-2009, 05:07 PM
Hello and Help!

Without getting into my nitemare, I'll cut to the chase. I'm trying to install a new tub and shower faucet. It's a Moen, and this is the manual for installation: http://www.moen.com/shared/pdf/instruction_sheets/ins1964.pdf The manual completely skips over what I need to know. How do you install the diverter valve part? I'm not even sure if I have the right name so I have attached a picture of what I'm replacing.
How do you install something that has threaded parts that are on soldered parts? How do I put in a new one of these??? I have practiced sweating pipes on some parts I bought, so I can do it, and I'm fairly handy - just ignorant. I don't know the proper names for anything, but I know I can do this, I just need a little advice.

Thank you.

10-19-2009, 07:20 PM
It is called a mixing valve. You will have an extremely difficult job to replace it through that small access. The valve in the picture had female threads. Someone installed male adapters and then soldered the copper to those adapters.

Does your new model have threads, male or female? If yours has male threads, you can use female adapters and solder to them, or you can insert the copper right into the valve body and solder direct . Obviously, in all cases, you will remove all internal parts of the valve prior to soldering on or near.

The existing valve is not a beautiful example of a good solder job, but apparently lasted all these years.

10-19-2009, 07:37 PM
Thank you for your reply,

My new mixing valve (thanks again) has female threads on all four connections. I know I'll be able to heat up the connections and just pull apart to get the old one out, but how do I get a new one on? If I have to I can go through the wall on the other side for a bigger hole, but I'd rather not.
My guess is, I'll have to make the threaded connections and then solder all of those connections to finally install it. Am I right? It seems backwards to normal logic, but who am I to say what's right?