View Full Version : How would you level this shower pan?

10-19-2009, 04:32 PM
I have a Sterling Ensemble shower pan (and walls) that is 48" wide by 36" deep that will be supported on 3 sides. It will be located at one end of a 4' x 8' small bath in a barn (toilet on opposite wall). The concrete slab is level from left to right - but it is about 1/4" lower at the threshold of the pan than it is at the back wall (36" dimension). This pan requires no support underneath - it is thoroughly supported by a grid molded into the bottom that contacts the slab.

If I shim the front, it will raise the support off the floor - except at the rear of the pan. If I add a mortar mix in piles underneath, I will actually be reducing the number of support points - unless I cover the entire base area with mortar.

I considered SLC since the room is so small - but the slope continues to about 3/4" off level by the time you get to the other side of the 8'. My concern with the SLC is the additional approx. 1/2" of height at the door's threshold - which then will get topped off with laminate flooring and create a significant lip.

Is there a simple solution that I'm missing to raise the front of the pan by 1/4"?