View Full Version : Is there a 3-way inline diverter that attaches to the shower arm?

09-23-2009, 10:44 AM
We are wanting an inline diverter valve on our shower arm, so that we can have a standard showerhead, as well as a handheld, with the plumbing both being fed through the shower arm for both.

Our sales representative for the plumbing supply our builder is using (who has NOT been helpful to deal with), says the only (inline) type that exists is a "popup" diverter, so you could only have the shower head OR the handheld on at any given time. I just can't believe that's the only option.

We are using Delta fixtures, I dunno if that matters...I would think a diverter valve like this would be a pretty generic piece of hardware though.

Since she is claiming one doesn't exist, the solution she's come up with is to basically to have the handheld and the showerhead be separate showers, complete with separate controls, and including requiring the plumber to run an extra hot and cold plumbing line.

I realize there are other diverter methods out there that are in-wall solutions...I just can't believe there is not an inline shower-arm based diverter that is a three-way valve (one, the other, or both at once).

Am I wrong?