View Full Version : Acrylic Bathtub Crack

Mr Fixit eh
09-13-2009, 08:14 AM
I am in the middle of a bathroom reno. I completed the tub installation about a week ago when a nasty cold kept me from installing the ceramic tile surround - good thing because today I noticed a 4 inch long crack. It appears to radiate from the overflow (but stops short of the overflow by about an inch) downwards on a 45 degree angle. There are no chips or impact marks and the edges of the crack are clean. The ends of the crack are barely discernible, but about 2 1/2 inches at the center the crack is very distinct.

The tub is an acrylic tub by Mirolin Canada (Masco Co). I followed the instructions carefully. I did not use a mortar bed because (1) mfr did not call for it, and (2) the 2 1/2 inch legs would have made this quite a feat. I can say with confidence that the crack was not visible at the time I installed the tub. The tub has been used a half dozen times - the heaviest user is 200 lbs. There have been no impacts against the tub.

1. I'm assuming the tub will have to be replaced?
2. I'm assuming this must be a manufacturing defect. Does this happen often? Is i reasonable to expect that a replacement will not crack again, or should I be looking at a different material/ manufacturer?
3. Is it reasonable to ask the supplier (bathroom specialty store with installers) to remove and re-install the replacement tub? It doesn't seem right that I should have to install two bathtubs because of a manufacturers fault.


Mr Fixit eh
09-28-2009, 11:24 AM
The story worked quickly with the manufacturer to get a replacement. Nobody has offered any reasonable explanation as to how this crack might have developed. I guess I have to let bygones be bygones and hope for the best in this new tub.

Would you reuse the rubber overflow and drain gaskets?