View Full Version : pros/cons of Filox filter before or after softener?

08-27-2009, 08:26 PM
We were originally going to install a Crystal Quest pyrolox filter for sulfur odor for our well system, and their tech support told us to put the filter after the softener. So we had all the copper pipes soldered for this configuration. The filter threads were defective (the plumber pointed out several machining problems with their adapter fittings) so we returned it, and ended up going with a Watts Filox filter as the replacement. I'm reading that most people put the iron/sulfur filter before the softener to make it easier on the softener. A lot of copper piping is already in place for the filter to come after the softener, and we don't want to re-do everything unless there's some really compelling reason to do so.

Is there a benefit to putting the sulfur filter after the softener? Why did the company suggest this sequence? I am guessing it's because 1) it makes the iron/sulfur filter media last longer, which is harder to service compared to a store-brand softener, 2) this sequence will get rid of the sulfur odor even if the iron bacteria build up in the softener (it does seem like the sulfur odor is reduced when we bypass the softener). These are just my guesses.

So basically what are the pros and cons of iron/sulfur filter before/after softener?

Gary Slusser
08-27-2009, 09:01 PM
If you have IRB to the extent it causes colonization of a softener, it will do the same for an H2S filter and prevent it from working. You will have to kill the IRB.

The H2S/iron filter should be before the softener so the softener doesn't have to deal with the iron, which saves salt, and H2S isn't good for a softener.

It is never a good idea to preplumb for equipment. The plumbing should be done to/from each piece one after the other. And no 3 valve bypasses because they increase the cost and aren't needed if the equipment has its own bypass valve, a 3 way BP causes dead ends and a pressure loss.

08-27-2009, 09:17 PM
That makes sense Gary thanks. If I understand correctly when the main issue is a sulfur odor, there is no benefit to having the Filox filter after the softener? I wonder why Crystal Quest would recommend that sequence? Often there are pros/cons to different approaches. So there aren't any benefits to having the filter come after the softener?