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08-08-2005, 01:42 PM
I'm looking at using the Caroma Caravelle 270 or the Tasman 270 to replace a toilet that needs a 10" rough in. Another option is the American Standard Cadet 3459 (10 rough in), but the Caroma does much better in the MAP testing.
1. Does anyone have any opinions on the Caroma vs. American Standard? I'm leaning toward the Caroma.
2. How do the Caroma toilet bowls mount to the floor? Since it looks like the tanks do not attach like a standard toilet bolted to the closet flange. The toilet will be on a cement floor and adding new holes would be a pain.
3. How does the plastic tank for the Tasman compare to the vitreous
porcelain of the Caravelle? Esthetics, Gloss/scratch resistance, noise, etc. Any opinions?
Thanks, Wayne

08-12-2005, 10:43 PM
Mounting a Caroma on a concrete floor means drilling and using the plastic inserts that come with the Caroma Pan Screws.

With the 270's I like to use their pan screws, they come with inserts, and plastic cap covers.

The tanks mount to the bowl like any other tank.
The bowl sets on the flange adapter, the two screws anchor at the back, and caulking around the front secures that.

Either the plastic or porcelain tanks work fine.
One of my big customers now orders only the porcelain.
I should ask them why.

Caroma toilets in the Seattle area (http://www.easycarts.net/ecarts/terrylove/Caroma_toilets.html)

The side of the 270 bowl