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08-01-2009, 08:46 AM
Hello New here but I did read the posts here..........

I hope some members can help me with some
sites where they have bought water softeners
from with success, and the sites have been
in biz awhile.

If there are members the sell them also great.

I know this has been hashed over before but going back
and reading everything is confusing.

Any help appreciated.

I have a 4 member family 2 full baths but we are very
careful with water usuage because it is pretty expensive
here in california.

We do not use bathrooms at the same time of shower
and do the wash or dishwasher at the same time

Anyone that lives here and is concerned about water
usuage knows this and saves water here.

Hope members can list sites that sell water softerners
that work well are are not costly.

Thanks SKI:)

Gary Slusser
08-01-2009, 11:38 AM
I sell softeners to DIYers. I suggest that you use the Clack WS-1 control valve. You'd have to call me to go over sizing and pricing.

Gary Slusser
08-02-2009, 11:40 AM
I don't like the mechanical metered version of the 5600. That's the only one without "electronics".

The 5600 is a 40 year old design, meaning no 'features' like soft water brine refill, no service or troubleshooting history, no real time flow rates or flow rate history, no pre refill, and a serious fault leading to bad water conservation etc. because it has no flexibility to increase or decrease the length of time the backwashes, brining or final rinse cycles run for, and it takes the valve 3 hours to get back to Service from the begining of a regerenation, etc. etc..

All versions of it are 3/4" and you can't use it on larger than a 2.0 cuft softener or a 1.5 cuft filter.

Also, even with the new SXT timer that has now replaced the SE timer that was around for only a few short years, they don't have many of the features of the Clack WS-1.

Gary Slusser
08-03-2009, 09:06 AM
You forgot to say the 5600 doesn't show a error code when the electronics are bad. ... You left out the fact that the 5600 is the most widely use control valve. For something that is over 40 years old, why do people pick it over any other valve out there?
That's right, when the 5600 motor dies, there is no error code.

IMO the people buying the 5600 are uninformed but there are fewer and fewer people buying the 5600 because they better inform themselves and buy the Clack WS-1 or the SXT timer version of the 5600.