View Full Version : "bidet" toilet seats

07-23-2005, 05:53 AM
Has anyone used the bidet toilets seats like the toto washlets? INAX and Takagi also make ones like the toto that have a remote. My husband has Parkinson's and thinks this would be a good idea. We're doing a total remodel but have to order pretty soon. I'd love reactions if you've tried any of the bidets, remote or not. Thanks, betty40

08-02-2005, 09:54 AM

I actually sell all of these items online and we have the TOTO items in our offices. All I can say is that the individuals that purchase the TOTO washlets always seem pleased. I have never used the Takagi or Inax. And I know that this may be irrelevent but the stability of the other washlet manufacturers in no way compares to the stability of TOTO. TOTO supplies great material and technical support and seem to be just an overall upright company when compared to the outsourced suppliers of the Inax and Takagi.

FYI...regardless of which site you purchase from, the TOTO washlets purchased online come straight from the factory just as if it were going to any other distributor. The only difference you'll see is the price, so feel free to take a look online.