View Full Version : Tub drain/waste/overflow escutcheon placement with respect to finished floor

04-09-2009, 10:48 PM
How's that for a descriptive title? :)

I'm installing a small clawfoot tub (if I ever get it refinished) and I bought all new decorative hardware for it.

Here's the rough in plumbing for it:


I haven't figured out how all my tub drain parts go together, but I assume a compression fitting screws down on the stub out and a chrome escutcheon covers it up. Here's the escutcheon that I assume is the right one. (If you're wondering why I'm so full of doubts, it's because the kit was practically devoid of instructions or any parts identification.)


Does this look correct? I've never installed one of these before, but I would think that the tub drain stub out should be up higher, so I can put some backerboard (1/2") and tile (1/4") around it, then the escutcheon will sit on top of the finished floor, covering the rough edge of the (cut) tile. As it is now, the tile would be at the top of, or above the threads.

I asked the plumber about this, and he seems to think it is installed correctly.

Thanks in advance for some clarification.