View Full Version : Connect flange to lead pipe in 'new' construction

06-29-2005, 06:02 AM
OK - here's the setup. Pro's got me all the way to 5/8" plywood with a lead pipe (3"?) sticking out of a 4" (or so) hole in the plywood that I need to connect to a flange. I've got about 16" of the lead pipe to work with. So, I guess I am putting the wonderboard and tile down, staying (how?) close to the toilet drain pipe, leaving notches for the flange bolts.

How (and at what point) do I connect the lead pipe to the flange? Is there an epoxy or a compression fitting or something else? Is there a special flange I should use?


06-29-2005, 06:38 AM
On our small bathroom I had a lead pipe to attach to as well. It originally had been cut down and flattened out to make a "flange" - which it wasn't. Cut it flush to the floor and got a "Twist and Set" style flange which has a threaded rubber coupler(?) that expands as you twist the flange. It worked real well for that.

A "two finger" flange might be another solution.