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06-24-2005, 04:41 PM
I am just about to close on a house that only has one bathroom on the first floor of a two story house. We are also looking at enlarging the kitchen by at least 2 fold (It’s really small!!). Anyway I am a little concerned about adding a bath upstairs, which may actually turn into tow baths…a master bath and a multi use bath. To save space the master will probably only have a shower stall.
The Multi Use bath will probably not be on an exterior wall thus resulting in putting the drains and plumbing through the floor. This part bothers me a little, especially if the distance from the exterior wall is too long.
I am by no means a professional plumber but I do have a lot of experience in moving bathrooms and installing new ones in basements…I am wondering how crazy am I to start a project like this…I know I may need to reinforce the upstairs floor (I can’t find a code on this…anyone have a guess?)
Basically this is just a warm up teaser of things to come…I am hoping I can rely on a few of the posters here as long as little professional help to get me on my way.

Any comments would be gladly accepted.


master plumber mark
06-25-2005, 09:19 PM
it would probably be a good idea to just get
lsome free estimates on what you want to do from
professional contractors and see if it is even feasable...

either just plumbers of actual total re-modelers would be
good choices for estimateions on this size of project.

07-01-2005, 04:06 PM
Here is an update for those who are interested. We had our home inspection done a few days ago...nothing too much to note there. Anyway during this period we took measurements of all the rooms and have laid out a general plan of attack. Here are some of the drawings that we have come up with:



The drawings are not exactly the same, you will notice the slanted doorways, they already exist they are just not drawn on the first drawing. Also while making the drawing we noticed a few errors in the measurements that need to be corrected.
My main objective was to get both wet walls on the same wall, as well as on a wall that was easily modified and spans both floors. The first floor room below has 9 foot ceilings and if needed, they can be dropped to support the extra weight of both tubs and allow extra space for the 4 inch drain pipes.

The vanities are just there for decoration right now, I know they don’t look very good right now 

Does anyone see any major problems with this layout?

Thanks…I’ll keep you all posted