View Full Version : Polyethylene Pipe under slab?

01-24-2009, 09:50 PM
I'm preparing to lay some poly water pipe from my well to the shop (about 70' run to the well cap). I read someplace that poly pipe cannot run under a foundation. I was planning on digging under the footing, so I don't have to drill in the footing wall, then come straight up 90 degrees into the shop where I was planning on having the pressure tank.

Can I run the poly inside some PVC pipe under the foundation, or will it be acceptable? I haven't checked with Washington County here in Oregon. Generally trying to talk to someone in the permit office has been less than productive. I'm hoping for better results when I see inspectors face to face on this project.

Also I was planning on getting 200PSI 1" diameter pipe, and also running conduit for the electrical for the pump. The code I have read indicates plastic pipe needs a tracer wire as well... so for belt and suspenders I will probably run that too. Questions are, can I co-locate the 240V line and the water in the same trench? I'm down about 18"-24".

Just thought I'd ask. I'll be talking to the county next week to pull the permits for the plumbing part. Electrical permit is already pulled.