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01-09-2009, 08:22 AM
I have this heater in my bedroom and I noticed it is leaking. It is leaking 20% Ethylene Glycol. I have it shut off but, was wondering if 30 days is too long for it to sit there and leak. I called my warranty services and since my husband died, I had to transfer the services to my name and they are making me wait 30 days. I am going to buy a new one in the meanwhile, and have it installed when they come.


01-09-2009, 08:28 AM
What will the warranty cover? If it covers replacement of the unit, why would you buy a new one? If they pay you anything for it, it will only be what they would have paid for it, not the retail price you paid. Put something under it to contain the leak. Eventually the fluid will drain down to the point of the leak and then stop.

01-09-2009, 08:35 AM

It will not cover the replacement. This warranty program is through my gas and electric company. They are really great. I pay 3.25 a month for this. I got this when my husband died. Well, the gas company was in my name the electric service in his. I honestly, didn't realize this until, when I called in, they informed me of this and is making me change it to my name. I have no problem with it, other than I have to wait the 30 days.

They cover everything else. The serviceman who comes out is wonderful , and I just love him. He is so sweet. So far, since 2005, they had replaced my ceiling fan in the kitchen and wiring, the bathroom ceiling light fan/heater wiring, a total of 4 outlets and now this.

I kind of thought it might just run out. In the meanwhile, I will buy a new one, and since they have to check the wiring, they will put in a new one instead of the old one.

Thank you for your response HJ, it is much appreciated. I didn't know much about the chemical which was dripping and was a little unsure.

01-09-2009, 08:53 AM
The ethelene glycol can be obnoxious if it gets vaporized (probably won't unless you tried to run the heater or it was made into an aerosol). A tablespoon can kill a small cat or dog. It tastes sweet, so they like it. Some people don't like the smell at all and if it leaks into say wood or carpet will be a pain to clean and may leave a stain. Car antifreeze (often made with the same stuff) when it leaks in your heater core makes a nasty film that's a pain to clean off your glass.

Personally, unless it is hardwired in, I'd move it, or at least ensure it doesn't go anywhere where it could be absorbed.