View Full Version : Help Please-Build My Own Metal Console Legs?

01-03-2009, 11:26 AM
I've posted before as have others interested in metal console sink legs. They're hugely expensive and I've found a site that sells tubing that may work. (Cost would be approx $200 versus $600 for pre-fab legs).
Help please to anyone who knows anything about this tubing and whether or not they think this will work. I'll have the sink anchored to the wall but I'm wondering if these won't offer the support I need for the weight of the sink. Also, the product is offered in several finished. My fixtures will be chrome but they offer only 1" chrome ball fitting, not 1.5" both tubing and fitting and I think I need the 1.5". Thoughts on if it would look dumb given chrome fixtures I've picked out? Last, would the polished stainless steel be less prone to rusting?

Here's the sink I'm interested in:

Here is the site that offers tubing and ball fittings:
Tubing: http://www.markstaar.com/category/94.html
Ball Fittings: http://www.markstaar.com/product/95/592.html

Thank you much!