View Full Version : Ice Maker just quit making ice

10-14-2004, 06:57 AM
Well, I just registered and here I am posting a second question :rolleyes: Well, when we first bought our house (October 2003....house was built in 1994) it came with the fridge and it has an ice maker. We noticed that it made ice REALLY slow, like just a handful of cubes a day. Well, it was that way for just a short time and then it was fine for almost a year and then just recently it just quit making ice all together. I squirmed when my husband took the freezer away from the wall and decided....."how hard could it be, right" :confused: Well, needless to say, not it doesn't work because he took it apart and said "Well, I don't know" and now there are freezer parts sitting on top of my fridge. Any ideas of what it could be and what we would need to fix it.

Thank you so much again, you really are a God for the stay at home mom :p


10-14-2004, 07:27 PM
I do not know what parts are on top of the freezer but there should not be any. The two most likely reasons are a freezer that does not get cold enough, that would have made the IM work slowly, and if it got worse then it would not make any ice at all. Or the IM could be defective so it is not sensing when the freezer has reached the proper temperature, in which case the IM probably has to be replaced. But check the internal temperature first. If it does not reach about 15 degrees F. the IM will not work.