View Full Version : Sewer Gas Smell after Roots removed

11-12-2008, 06:39 AM
We were getting a sewer gas smell out of the floor drain in the basement.

This usually means our sewer line between the house and the street has roots building up. If you look in the clean out line at the front of the house, in the basement, you can see standing grey water when this is happening.

We had the line rotor rootered and got a big hunk of roots (and other stuff) out.

The line is now empty of standing water.

But! The sewer gas smell will not go away (it has been two days). The only place I smell it in from the floor drain in the basement. There is water in it and I have flushed it with lots of water, lots of bleach, even boiling hot water.

In past years this has not happened once we got the line cleared.

So, any suggestions? Wait a few more days? Something besides bleach?


11-12-2008, 06:43 AM
If there is water in the drain, regardless of whether there are roots in the line or not, sewer gas odors CANNOT come out of it. Therefore, they came, come, and are coming from somewhere else.

11-12-2008, 06:56 AM
Thanks for the answer.

That does make sense.

I hope it just goes away. But, I have a feeling it will not.

11-12-2008, 12:45 PM
Then you have to find out where it is really coming from and that can be vry daunting because odors move around the house and are only noticed when they accumulate somewhere.

11-12-2008, 08:55 PM
Try running water down the drain. No doubt when you had the line back up some stankin water backed up into the trap of that drain. Flush it out!

11-12-2008, 09:07 PM
That is what I think, the drain got stinky!!!!!

I did run a lot of water down the drain. Some bleach, water, fabrize?, water, scrubbing bubbles, more water.

It seems better than yesterday, so we will see.

11-17-2008, 08:56 AM

Thanks for the advice.

I have put lots of water and various cleaner down the basement floor drain. I even took a toliet brush and cleaned the sides of the walls in the drain.

The smell is almost totally gone. You can't smell it in the house anymore, you have to put your nose to the drain.