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11-05-2008, 12:00 PM
Hello -

I have an 8 year old Weber Genesis gas grill with a 20 lb propane tank. The propane tank has the quick connect (quick disconnect) valve on it.

To use the grill, I pull back on the sleeve, insert the gas line hose into the propane tank valve and when the connection is made, the sleeve slides back.

I understand this is an older system that Weber used but has now discontinued.

I haven't had any problems having the tanks filled by a local gas station who has an onsite propane tank.

I've now bought a Saf-T-Fryer turkey fryer which has the new Type 1 gas hose and regulator. I believe this Type 1 gas connector is also called an Acme Nut with a 1/4" male pipe thread.

Does anyone know of an adapter I can get to use my old propane tanks with this new turkey fryer?

The adapter would have to be a Male plug quick adapter to I believe a 1/4" female (or whatever is the current connector on a new propane tank).

I was hoping to be able to continue using my 2 older propane tanks with the quick adapter valve and temporarily put on an adapter to occasionally use the turkey fryer.

Thanks for the assistance!

Gary Swart
11-05-2008, 02:22 PM
Propane tanks have a limited life span. The date of manufacture is stamped on the top of the tank. It is illegal to refill a tank after it has reached its expiration date. You will need to replace the old tanks. As far a the quick connect adapter, if it fits, use it.

11-05-2008, 02:44 PM
I think the legal life of a tank is 10-years. They can be reconditioned and recertified, but buying a new one is often about the same price. You could probably take the older tank somewhere and they could remove the current valve and install a new one. Adapters might be found, but every extra gas connection is another place it could leak. A 20-pound propane tank has about the same energy as 8 sticks of dynamite (if I remember right). A leak before the regulator could make a really impressive blowtorch.