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10-12-2008, 03:12 AM
Could you please tell me the best underlayment for impact sound protection from the first floor to living space below? The floor will be a combination of tile and engineered wood. I am trying to find the best product while keeping cost down on both materials & labor. There will only be 2 people in the houseóno children or pets. I have looked at SoundStop, SolidBlack MD and QTscu (Ecore), but no real life feedback on any of these.

Thank you

10-12-2008, 01:44 PM
For the tiled areas (you might use it under the engineered wood too, don't know - have to read the spec sheet), you might try EasyMat from www.custombuildingproducts.com (http://www.custombuildingproducts.com). The thicker versions add more sound isloation so you can buy the amount you want to pay for.