View Full Version : Need Mfg name

08-25-2008, 10:50 AM
I have a Neo-Angle shower model NEA-GPK-38p GOLD it has word or name Spartan on the box. Internet doesn't have anything relating to Spartan showers. Does anyone know who the manufactor maybe? Spartan may be the Mfg and out of business. Paul

08-26-2008, 06:26 AM
Maax bought out Shostal Ltd which was Spartan and Fasco back in 1998.

08-26-2008, 06:33 AM
Thanks for that info, peanut.

I assume that as is usual with buyouts, any support or info on the legacy products is minimal at best.

08-26-2008, 05:36 PM
I believe it is parts are available until existing inventory is gone.