View Full Version : Whirlpool Tub Motor Replacement?

08-02-2008, 07:17 AM
Hi, all! I am going to be starting a major remodel of my master bath in the fall. Currently, I have a whirlpool tub that I have never used since I moved in ten years ago. My children have used it, but the last time it was used (2 years ago) the drain leaked into the mudroom downstairs. Since I rarely used it, and knew that I would be remodeling, I chose to simply not use the tub.

I am considering re-using the tub and replacing the guts. Has anyone ever attempted this? Is it worth it or should I just replace the whole tub? Would I actually save any money?

The tub is a monster (to me) 72" x 36" 22" deep. It is build in with a surrounding platform, making it seem even larger (8' x 4' footprint, plus a horribly ugly tile step jutting out half the length). Bathroom is approximately 8' x 12'. It is cast iron and the tub itself is in good shape. If I were to replace the whole tub, I would replace with a smaller one. We have a spa outside, so I would rarely use a tub anyway, but I have to think of that resale!

Thanks for any help/advice!

08-02-2008, 02:50 PM
If you like the tub enough to keep it, the "guts" should also be fine. Locate the leak, probably in the drain, and fix it.