View Full Version : Our dishwasher overflowed and now the 220 breaker on stove keeps going off, when we t

07-14-2008, 09:07 AM
Our dishwasher overflowed and now the 220 breaker on stove keeps going off, when we try to use stove. Water got under the stoved, it is all dried up but the breaker blows every time we turn on the stove. I manage to cook supper, but I have to keep switching the breaker a few times while I get supper cooked, Is this dangerous, is it the breaker or the stove that has the problem?

07-14-2008, 12:07 PM
It's hard to believe the overflow would get into the stove wiring, but it depends on wiring, how the overflow occured, etc., so you just have to track it down.

I'd pull the stove out from the wall, and see where it plugs in. If the socket looks as though it could have taken on water, then turn off the breaker, unplug the stove, and take the cover off the socket to see what things look like.

The cord from the socket will be connected to the stove behind a small cover plate. Take that cover plate off and look inside to see if there's any sign of water intrusion.

If the water actually got into the stove (oven, maybe?) then you've got even more opportunity to find water still in there.

If you see any signs of water anywhere, dry it out using paper towels and/or a hair dryer.

Some background info that would be useful for troubleshooting -- is the kitchen over a basement, is the stove plugged in to a socket as implied above, or is it hardwired? If a socket, is the socket in the wall? How high above the floor? Where is the dishwasher in relation to the stove? Just what was the nature of the overflow? (Seep on the floor, water spraying all over, etc.)