View Full Version : can I plumb shower drain to cast iron soil myself?

04-21-2005, 03:58 AM
Hi. I am new here, referred by Floorstansformed. We have an old house and ripped our bathroom floor out and took out the tub so we could install a neoangle shower and tile the floor. The drain has to be moved and enlarged for the neoangle and it goes into a cast iron soil that has a Y with a smaller inlet for the current bath drain. The bath drain was joined with the sink drain, and that in turn was joined from another sink and vented through the roof, all with 1 1/2" copper before it went into the cast iron. The bathroom is 5x9', so these are not long runs. We got a plumber in to estimate running the drain from the shower to the cast iron, and it was $2300. He said all the 1 1/2" to the sink and vent as well had to be replaced and redone because it was too small and not to code. He said he also had to replace the vent stack, but would not replace it through the roof, but adapt it just before the roof and leave the 1 1/2" out the roof. We would also have to remove a lead flange for the toilet and replace with a PVC extender.
We have done a lot of DIY plumbing, all copper sweat, but never tried cast iron soil drain plumbing. My question is, can we do this ourselves?

04-21-2005, 12:25 PM
I wouldn't recommend it. Cast iron is extremely heavy and can be entirely unforgiving on your physical well being. Let a licensed plumber take care of this particular plumbing venture while you sit back and relax.

Good luck!