View Full Version : Water Drip in Toto Aquia

03-25-2008, 11:46 AM
Hello. I just installed a new Aquia for my powder room. The flush valve does not shut off completely and water keep dripping out of the tank to the bowl evan after the tank is filled. As water keep dripping from tank to bowl and thus the flush valve keep running slowly to refill the tank. This turns into a water wasting cycle. I checked and made sure the bolt from tank to bowl installed correctly as there no water leakage on the exterior of the toilet. I cleaned out the flushvalve and the flushing mechanism as instructed in the instruction manual. However, it did NOT solve the problem.

Is the flush valve and/or the flushing mechanism main cause of this problem? If so, can someone advise on how to adjust them?

Thanks in advance.

03-25-2008, 09:03 PM
First, I would turn off the supply to the toilet, to see if the seal is letting water from the tank drain into the bowl.

If the water level drops, then you can look at the flush seal.

If the tank level stays even, then it may be that the fill valve is not closing off. Most of the time, checking to see if the rubber seal is clean fixes that. In a rare case, it may need an assembly cap replacement.

Installation instructions for Aquia (http://www.terrylove.com/pdf/aquia_installation.pdf)