View Full Version : Run your car on Water!!!

03-19-2008, 05:39 AM
Step right up...only $1.00 per bottle for Uncle Dickys Snake oil...


I wonder how many people will buy this thinking it will work.

Was it PT Barnum who said there was a sucker born every minute.

03-19-2008, 05:59 AM
I like her shoes.

03-19-2008, 08:32 AM

03-19-2008, 11:01 AM
Gotta wonder if something like that would ever work...not necessarily retrofitting an existing engine, but running a car off of electrolytic processes in general..sure would cut down on gas costs, that's for sure.

03-19-2008, 02:09 PM
But its a good looking girl telling me it works and its only $50 on sale. It must be good :cool:

03-19-2008, 05:52 PM
Personally, I prefer air.

03-19-2008, 07:27 PM
well, there seems to be a patent pending on this very issue


03-20-2008, 07:42 AM
At least the book is available with an 84% discount. I guess they couldn't get enough customers for it at the full price. You can apply for a patent for anything as long as it is not a perpetual motion machine. Maybe if they connected this to a gasoline generator, ran it with "hydrox" gas, used the generator output to convert the water, and then condensed the exhaust back to water they could do it.

03-21-2008, 08:14 PM
Well I don't quite believe what they are claiming.

But Turning up the turbocharger boost bumping the timeing them throwing in some water injection works for me... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_injection_(engines)
A radical tune and water injection to kill the detonation can be very fun.

Personally I'm looking forward to the day when the exhaust on my car is pure water!