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03-17-2008, 03:30 PM
I have been spending days and days trying to pick out the best Toto toilet for two bathrooms in my home. I have finally narrowed it down to the Ultramax, the Supreme, and the Drake. SO here are my questions:

Which is better, one-piece or two-piece. I have read some complaints about tank joining on the Drake; has anyone experienced this?

Also, all 3 seem to come in the "Eco" model which has a 1.28gpf and "E-Max" technology. Do these still flush as well as the ones with "G-Max" technology?

Finally, is one of these models better than the other two? I can't seem to make up my mind. Thanks for your help!:confused:

03-17-2008, 04:34 PM
One piece toilets tend to be slightly quieter, but are heavier (which is only a factor in carrying it up to the bathroom and installing it). For toilets with the same technology, they should all perform about the same, so it comes down to style and price points...you'd probably be happy with any one. The e-max ones have been reported to perform as well as the 1.6g versions. They're calibrated better so they don't overfill the bowl...they use about the same amount to actually dump in and flush, on the 1.6g versions, they run a little longer and overfill the bowl - it doesn't really help the flush.

Did you read Terry's reviews off the home page?

03-17-2008, 07:34 PM
Thank you for the info. I got to this blog from a Google search so I may have missed the home page. I will go there now and check out Terry's reviews. I never thought buying a toilet would be so difficult. :eek:

www.terrylove.com/crtoilet.htm (http://www.terrylove.com/crtoilet.htm)