View Full Version : Grohe Rainshower Shower Arm - Too Long- Where to Get Right Nipple?

04-08-2005, 06:25 PM

Just been installing a Grohe Rainshower head (28 373) which has a G 1/2" Female inlet.

I was planning to use the chrome Grohe Shower Arm / Nipple (28 492) which has a 1/2" NPT-MIP (Male) at the supply end...and a G 1/2" Male at the end to connect to the shower head.

Unfortunately this Shower Arm is too long.

Grohe only make the one size of the shower arm. I think I've understood the 'G 1/2' inlet on the Rainshower head means I can't just walk into any plumbing supply store and buy a standard shorter nipple with NPT mail threads on both ends...correct?

Any advice on how to proceed?