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10-03-2004, 04:47 PM
I was just going through my county's rebates (http://valleywater.org/Water/Water_conservation/In_the_home/High_efficiency_toilet_rebates.shtm) for high effiency and dual flush toilets and was wondering on the opinions of them.

The definition of a high effiency toilet is 1.28gpf or less. The three listed were all 1.0gpf with pressure assist: Mansfield QuantumOne, St. Thomas Creations/Sloan Mariner II, Capizzi/Sloan Turbo Capizzi.

There were also all the Caroma dual flush along with the Sterling Rockton Dual Force, Mansfield EcoQuantum (presure assist), and Vortens Vienna RF.

Yeah, pressure assists are loud and I haven't heard about most of the dual fllush toilets, so what are your comments about these models specifically?

MaP testing on the Rockton is 300 to 325 grams.

New HET's availible are
Toto Eco line using 1.28 gallons using a gravity flush
These work well with one flush.
Also Toto has a dual flush,
TOTO Aquia I CST414M 800 grams
TOTO Aquia II CST416M 500 grams
TOOT Aquia III CST464MF 500 grams
This also works very well.

To qualify as a WaterSense toilet, it needs to be at least 350 grams

10-18-2004, 10:52 PM
I just noticed your posting about ultra low flush toilets. I have the Caroma dual flush toilet and I am very happy with it. It is virtually clog proof with it's full 4 inch trap. It is also an elegant looking toilet that flushes flawlessly everytime. The following may help you know more about the Caroma dual flush toilets: Information Video clip (http://www.caromausa.com/download/caroma4.wmv)

The Caroma toilets are available from Terry Love. Maybe you local bathroom supplier has them.