View Full Version : 3 function valve (spout, handheld, wall mount)

01-24-2008, 08:27 PM

I'm a GC and my plumber doesn't keep up with new products very well so maybe some of you guys/gals have some ideas.

For a bathtub with shower, my customer wants a tub spout and for most of her use a standard wall mount showerhead. But she also wants a handheld shower for cleaning the tub, the dog, the bottom of her feet... and I don't wanna know what else.

I don't think that in this A, B or C scenario it ever has to be A AND B or B AND C, just one function at a time. Now of course, there is the retrofit spout diverters to to the handshower but we don't want that kind of hinky setup.

This is a full gut remodel and I want to choose a valve and trim setup that allows for this functionality from the valve/trim.

I've used a Hansgrohe that did that with an expensive thermostatic valve - and I'm hoping that the more moderate priced brands like PF, Moen, Delta, American Standard etc. (I GET THEM AT THE PLUMBING HOUSE!) have come out with something like this type of application.

thanks in advance,


01-25-2008, 08:00 AM
This is in the same price league as the Hansgrohe - I've got a Grohe external mount tub filler handheld shower fixture that has a built-in divertor. It's also a thermostatic controlled valve.