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01-24-2008, 10:14 AM
My wife and I live outside of Boston, and we are trying to put together the various pieces of a bathroom remodeling project. One part that has us completely stumped is the bath. We want to have a separate bath and shower, but do not have quite enough room to make it happen without making the room crowded. We then stumbled upon the idea of installing a seated soaking bath -- are you familiar with these baths? They tend to roughly resemble a teacup with a seat in it, so they are quite deep, but take up limited floor space -- perhaps 42 inches in diameter. You sit in them much like a chair with your legs "down" rather than "out" as they are in a traditional tub. They are based on the Japanese ofuro.

Here is our dilemma: here in the East, nobody is familiar with these seated soaking baths. When I search online, the only ones I see are make of copper, brass, teak, mahogany, concrete, or some other non-standard bathroom material. What we are looking for is a seated soaking bath that is made with traditional fiberglass / acrylic, or cast iron with porcelain.

01-24-2008, 10:15 AM

I installed one of these for my parents 30 years ago,
And they still make them.

http://www.arpbathtubs.com/soaktub.html (http://www.arpbathtubs.com/soaktub.html)