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03-29-2005, 06:52 PM
In my 1937 home I'm putting a new bath and bedroom in the attic..I installed Sioux Chief hammer arrestors at the tub/shower valve because plumbing books say you should..ok..no problem there.., toilet water supply ok too..but the bath sink makes the pipes sound like a machine gun..is there an (after stub out) like supply line arrestor I can install?..Don

03-29-2005, 07:04 PM
Yes, the 660-TR1 can attach to a 3/8" supply valve and your 3/8" supply line can attach to it. But I think you have other problems that need to be addressed that are causing this type of water hammer shock. I always investigate the toilet first as they seem to be the most common cause. Cheap or faulty ballcocks (fill valve) in the toilet that cause hammer when water pressure fluctuates from a nearby faucet opening or closing. Could be several other causes but I'd check the toilet first.

03-30-2005, 05:54 PM
Thanks Clayton...I haven't installed the toilet yet...I was testing with compression fit supply valves and lines on the 1/2" dia. copper stub outs, before I installed the sheetrock..I'll check out the 660-TRI at my local plumbing supply..still trying to get up the nerve to unpack a new Champion toilet I just bought..gotta love the reviews (http://www.terrylove.com/wwwboard/messages2/42893.html)..YIKES...Don

John Aull
04-08-2005, 09:48 PM
Don -

You're always a winner with the Champion - I don't care what your OTHER neighbors say.

Just a neighbor. :D