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12-27-2007, 04:40 PM
Hello all, new to this site, hope you can help.

I am installing a shower valve onto plumbing already roughed in by my plumber as this is a bathroom project we are finishing on our own after the rest of the house was completed.

The valve will be behind a tiled wall with no planned access from the other side(other than tearing out drywall).

I have 4 questions. The first in regards to the valves in the picture. The plumber put these valves in but I'm not sure if they should be removed or left since there will be no planned access. Is it a good idea to have valves buried in a wall w/ no access?

Question 2 is regarding the support of the valve. Is what is pictured ok.the valve is resting on the 2x4 on the body of the valve. I plan to further strap the valve in.

Question 3: should I also in stall hammer arresters at this valve in the wall?

Question 4: I'm a little confused about the plaster guard. I have to have the valve all the way against the backside of the drywall to make this fit. Does sound right for a k-14489 in 2x4 wall, with about 3/4" total of wall board and tile?

thanks very much!

01-03-2008, 04:34 PM
Are you sure that is the part number?

The shutoffs below could be left in.
They won't ever be used again though.

If the valve came with instructions, and that is what I was looking for based on the part number, it would show in the specs what the margin was for installation.
the tile guard, most of the time, is for finished surface.
Only you would know how thick your tile will be.

It's a little hard to tell by the picture, but having the valve touching wood on the bottom should be okay.
Most of the time, I solder the valve up, with the upper riser, and hang it from the shower head support first.
It's easier for me.

If the valve body has holes for securing that would be nice to use.
If not, then securing the pipes to backing should work.

You can install hammer arrestors, but they are not normally used on these.