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12-20-2007, 10:26 AM
We (or I should say a friend) installed our pegasus shower faucet and while we noticed the temperature needing adjusting while he was still there we didn't realize how much of a spit shower the flow was until we got in there. I understand there's a pressure adjuster in the pegasus, however we don't have the installation directions (and what manufacturer doesn't post it on the net!?) that I was wondering if anyone on this site is familiar enough with it to say "take the cover plate off and ......". If this is something easy enough to do without having to organize him coming back out would love to take care of it so I can feel like I'm getting more than spit on while I shower. BTW - he did mentioned that he made sure it was open in the shower head which is why I think it's part of the controller. And yes prior to the new faucet and head we had much better pressure.


12-20-2007, 02:14 PM
Many valves have a temperature limiter that can be adjusted, but it doesn't control pressure. With a new valve, there could have been some debris in the line and it is now clogging the showerhead partially. Unscrew the showerhead and then see how much flow you get. With the head on, you should be getting around 2-2.5 gallons/minute. WIthout the head, it should be in the order of 5-6 gallons or so. Note, if this is a tub/shower valve, the shower output may not put out quite that much, but should easily exceed the 2.5 gpm.

Don't confuse pressure and volume...

12-20-2007, 03:33 PM
I dont imagine there is a flow adjustment, just the hot temperature limiter. What model of Pegasus is it?

12-26-2007, 01:25 PM
You are current no pressure adjuster:
* Ceramic Disc Cartridge
* Solid Brass Construction
* Thermostatic Control
* 8 inch Shower head included
* Safety Button and Diverter Spout
* MFG Brand Name : Pegasus
* MFG Model # : L2CR70100000HD
* MFG Part # : L2CR70100000HD

We took the head off and tested the pressure again and it's still very light, my sink faucet puts out more water. Is there a shutoff valve that might not be open all the way (and would this be different for our shower vs the other water lines (ie tub or sinks)? And if so where would I begin looking for this. Obviously with the holidays it's hard getting our guy to come back out for a couple weeks.

Hope you all had a merry xmas and other celebrated holidays!

12-26-2007, 08:46 PM
Some valves have in-line stops. If yours does and they are not both fully open, that could cause problems. Also, some (most) valves have inlet screens to protect the valve. If the pipe had a bunch of crud in it when the new valve was installed, and wasn't flushed, you could have the inlet screens clogged partially.