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11-28-2007, 01:14 PM
I just bought a house with IGS. I have a timer in the house with wires going outside. I guess to some sort of pump or electric valve. I also see a copper water line going outside. I am trying to track down the valves that open and close so I can blow them out for the winter. These valves should not be buried, correct? This needs to be in an ground casing for maintenance I would think? The wires from the timer go straight through the house and underground. I do not see an utility box for the valves. Any suggestions?

11-28-2007, 04:27 PM
To find buried zone valves there are 2 ways: Poke around in the ground with a long screwdriver or buy a valve locator (or have the irrigation company use their valve locator.)

As long as each valve is opening correctly, you don't need to locate the valves to blow out the lines. From the vacuum breaker, you just blow out one zone at a time. The water gets pushed out through the sprinkler heads on each zone until only air remains in the line.

11-29-2007, 05:52 AM
Where are the vacuum breakers? Are they usually inside our outside? What should I be looking for? Does anyone have a picture of one? I assume once I find it all I have to do is hook my compressor up to it at about 50 psi and then turn on each zone one at a time to expell all the water through the heads. Am I on the right track?

11-29-2007, 08:20 AM
The vacuum breaker (backflow preventer) is located near your pump, if you are using a well or on the side of your house where the water comes out to feed your irrigation system. Occasionally, it is also buried underground in a valvebox, which you will have to find.

Winterizing a system is not as easy as it sounds. Here's a link to a discussion of winterizing.