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03-16-2005, 04:28 AM
Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker. My name is Mike, semi-retired remodeling contractor up here in La Conner, WA where the daffodils are in full bloom and the tulips are about 10 days out. :)

Down to business. I am a moderator on a ceramic/natural stone tile forum: John Bridge.com. We have a member over there posting a shower drain problem requiring special consideration.

A second floor shower is being over 2X6 floor joists with ply sub-floor. Additionally there is plywood underneath those joists along with an exposed beam ceiling for the first floor. With only 5 1/2 clearance in these joists bays there is no clearance for the standard 2" drain and p-trap assembly. However there is room for the p-trap along with access to the drain/vent in a near wall 3 away because of a unique kitchen wall cabinet configuration down on the first floor.

This poses an interesting question with the goal in mind to plumb to UPC. Question is: In a situation like this could one run the shower drain tailpiece directly into a med. sweep 90. Then place the p-trap along with a cleanout 3 away?

The CO would be placed at least 6 above the flood level of the shower pan with an access panel to it on the other side of the wall. Drain to vent max. distance of 5 is met. 2 shower drain piping with sufficient fall along the horizontal tailpiece run. Would this fly? I think my AHJ might pass it but 'ol Scotty is pretty easy to work with. ;)

03-16-2005, 06:16 PM
Did you look at one of the Wedi horizontal drains?

03-17-2005, 09:05 PM
No I haven't Jim. Never seen Wedi products up here in my neck of the wood. I'll do some Goolgle search work though and check it out.