View Full Version : Chimney liner versus a "scuttle"

10-24-2007, 08:33 AM
New guy here. Thanks in advance.

I contracted with Sears (bad idea?) to install a natural gas furnace in a 1900s to 1920s house in Cleveland, OH. Every independent source I talked with prior to doing this deal said that I needed a chimney liner since the furnace I was replacing was around 40% efficiency and the new one would be around 80%.

Contractor shows up and says the chimney is too tall (protruding 10 or 15 feet above the roof of a three story house) and might fall over, so he's going to install a "scuttle" (technical install instructions call it a 'chimney adapter kit').

Supposedly the chimney liner is supposed to prevent condensation, yada yada, acid build up, yada yada, carbon monoxide seepage yada yada.

As best I understand, the "scuttle" dries the gases before they go into the chimney so condensation isn't an issue. I don't understand how the scuttle would prevent CO seepage however.

Anyway, the contractor tried to sell me the idea of the "scuttle" as a no cost upgrade over a chimney liner saying that the "scuttle" is about $300 but the liner (aluminum ducting) is $100 tops.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.