View Full Version : whirlpool tub motor grounding

lee polowczuk
10-12-2007, 09:11 AM
in my haste, i neglected to hook up a separate grounding wire after I installed a whirlpool tub in my bathroom

the motor and heater are on separate circuits and each is hooked up to a GFCI circuit breaker at the box

Are we in any imminent danger not having the ground wire hooked up from the motor to a metal pipe?

I will have to open up the side skirt of the tub and do this....

i guess the real question is..what does the motor ground do?

10-12-2007, 09:29 AM
First the conductor that connects from the motor to the metal water pipe is not a ground.

The purpose of this conductor is to make the metal pipe and motor have the same touch potential. It bonds the two together so there is no difference in voltages between the two.

It is called a “bonding conductor” and yes it needs to be installed before anyone uses the tub.

It should be a #8 or larger conductor

lee polowczuk
10-12-2007, 10:41 AM
thanks.. i will work on it this weekend.

EDIT: Thanks, I took care of this..... had to run a #8 copper from my heater to my motor..and then another copper from my motor to the copper cold water pipe in the basement.

This was per instructions for the heater.....