View Full Version : Polyethylene gas pipe

10-03-2007, 05:47 PM
I am considering running about 140 ft of pipe for a propane feed to the house from a 500 gal tank. One regulator at the tank will be set approximately 10 PSI at the tank then a second regulator at the house will be about 14" water column attached to 1 1/4" balck pipe to feed the house. I need to get from the tank to the regulator at the wall then come out into a tee to go in the house and back underground to feed a fireplace, and a grill with an eventual spa heater( but that is later & will require another regulator)

Copper is kind of high right now & I was thinking of using either 3/4" or 1" PE. My questions are what kind of fittings are available for the PE to black pipe transition and do these fittings require special tools. I don't mind spending the cash on the tool if its reasonable. I have looked at Locke supply on-line and noticed that the only fittings for PE to NPT are fusion fittings. I am not sure how they work, or if there are any other, like maybe something mechanical? Can someone shed some light on the available fittings. THanks