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09-27-2007, 08:15 AM
Based on what I read on this site, I bought a Toto Drake a couple of years ago. It has proven to be a great toilet. I recently bought a second Drake to replace another toilet. I had it installed yesterday by the same plumber that installed the first one. It is working fine, but I noticed one thing after the plumber left that was odd.

The tank does not sit as "stable" on the bowl on this new one as on the old one. In other words, on the new one, I can "tilt" the tank forward and backward about an inch with very little effort. The tank on the old one is very firmly seated on the bowl and cannot be moved at all. I checked the bolts on the new one and they are tight. Did Toto change the way the Drake tanks are mounted on the bowl (maybe threw a rubber spacer in between the tank and bowl)? Did the plumber install it incorrectly? I guess the other question is which toilet is installed correctly -- the old one or the new one?


09-27-2007, 09:45 AM
Sometimes I can move the tanks, and sometimes they are very solid.
When we install the tanks, we push the rubber washer onto the bottom,
Center to tank over the hole,
And then start to tighten down.




09-27-2007, 10:13 AM
If that big rubber washer was installed properly, as it sits for a little while, you can tighten it down more. It is surprising how much it can move and not leak, but if you tighten evenly, maybe 1/2-turn at a time, side-to-side, you can get it tightened more. Don't take all of the play out, but you can get most of it. The porcelain doesn't like to have a hard connection with the base.

09-27-2007, 10:25 AM

Thanks for the quick reply. I did some more comparisons. On the older toilet, it looks like the tank is resting on the bowl surface. If I try to move the tank, the bowl is providing immediate resistance due to its contact with the tank.

On the other hand, on the new toilet, there is no contact between the tank and bowl until you move the tank foward or backward an inch or so. By moving the tank, I mean I am applying a small amount of pressure (one finger's worth) near the top of the tank, and it tilts forward and backward. It's as if the tank is suspended on the rubber washer. If I remove the pressure quickly, the tank will wobble back and forth several times before coming to a stop.

Is it possible to incorrectly install the rubber washer? Is there a top and bottom side for the washer? On your picture, it looks like one side of the washer is tapered. Is the other side of the washer tapered also? Maybe the tank bolts aren't tightened enough. How tight is "tight enough without overtightening"?

Also, the link in your post didn't work. Was it supposed to?


This link works now.

09-27-2007, 10:55 AM
Most of the Toto tanks come with four washers and nuts for the tank.
The extra nuts and washers can be used under the tank, it seems to help.
The foam rubber washer does have a taper. The taper points down into the hole of the bowl.

I don't think he could have reversed it.
I have seen people set the rubber on the bowl and then set the tank on top of it. That doesn't work very well. The foam washer needs to be pushed onto the bottom of the tank.