View Full Version : Thermostat Needed??

09-16-2007, 07:41 AM
I was hoping you guys might be able to help me out.
One Burnham Cast Iron Boiler 146k BTU supplying four zones.
Zone 1: 60 gallon indirect water heater
Zone 2: 600 sq ft cottage with hydronic baseboard heat
Zone 3: 1100 sq ft slab with 6 zones of radiant floor heat

Zones 1-3 are in one building

Zone 4 is detached garage also with 6 zones of radiant floor heat.

My question is instead of having 3 seperate thermostats, I want to put temperture sensors in all three zones and have a heating control with outdoor reset in the boiler room. The control would need kick back for the night time and during unoccuppied periods. Anybody have any suggestions???