View Full Version : Need help on how to remove Shower pan drain.

03-06-2005, 12:53 PM
I am remodeling my Shower. Taking out the tile was easy, but I would like to take out the shower pan, but am failing to understand how the Drain was installed.

I have removed the drain cover. The Drain has a lip that goes over the Shower Pan. In between the Drain and the 2" drain pipe I assume is Lead.

There is now visible srews or cross pieces of metal unto which I could use to unthread by using the handles of plyers and a screw drive

I have hit the Lead with a tool and it dents easy, but I am pushing it downward. That seems to be the wrong way.

I have drilled holes into it. The metal climbs up the drill bit and is plyable. The hole that I leave behind is shiny. It appears about 3/8 thick minimum. I guess I could drill holes all the way around the drain, but so far I have tried 10 holes and it is taking forever.

Does this sound like it was welded? Can this be heated and then the Drain be removed?

The help is appreciated.


03-06-2005, 02:44 PM
Well. I got out the power drill instead of the cordless. After 1/2 hour of drilling I got it out. But just before I noticed I was hitting a rusty nail on one of the studs with the top of the Shower pan. I hammered it in then gave a huge pull and pulled out the pan.

It appears the Lead was more of as space filler. So iam not sure what happened. All I am is glad it is out.

Next problem - see you on the plumbing threads. Pipes going through studs, but no shut off to be able to cut the pipe - Darn