View Full Version : Drake or Low Profile Toilet?

08-21-2007, 06:22 PM
Looking at the spec sheet, the Toto Drake is 28.5" tall. Can someone with a Drake tell me how tall the tank is without the tank lid on?

I want to replace a toilet that's underneath a 30" high counter ledge. The current tank lip is 28.75" high leaving me a 2" gap from the front lip of the tank to the ledge. Not enough room to get my hands in there and replace the leaky fill valve.

Figure it's time to replace the toilet anyway (old 3.5 gallon) and do my part for the environment. And from what I'm hearing about the Drake, it sounds great and reasonably priced. But I don't want the same problem of the tank being so tall that I can't get my hands in there for repairs if need be.

And if the Drake just won't work, can someone recommend a good performing low profile toilet that won't break the bank?

Thanks in advance,
LowLedge in Austin, TX

08-21-2007, 07:48 PM
The Toto Ultimate is 27.25" high, and the Toto Supreme is even lower.
Pulling the lid gives more space to work on it.