View Full Version : Closet Flang Bolt Hole Alignment

08-20-2007, 07:29 AM
I recently attempted to install a new American Standard in my home using the original closet flange and bend (circa 1952).

When I went to dry fit the base over the bolts I found that the bolts from the flange did not align with the slotted bolt holes in the toilet. I measured the flange and found the slots allow for the bolts to be between 5 3/4" and 5 7/8" (center to center) which I assume is standard in the industry. When I measured the spacing of the slotted holes in the toilet they were approximately 6 3/8" (center to center) and would permit only a minimum of 6" between bolts. As a result, the bolts could only pass through the toilet base splayed at an angle and would not seat properly in the flange or permit the nut and washer to lay flat on top of the base.

My question is: Is the flange obsolete at 5 3/4" spread, or the the toilet base defective and out of spec?

American Standard customer service was no help in determining what the bolt spacing should be however their installation instructions state the the bolts in the flange should be 6" apart. How can this be?

I ended up installing the toilet by bending the splayed closet bolts so that they are vertical as they come through the base. Any feedback on why this happened would be appreciated.


08-21-2007, 05:20 AM
EVERY flange ever made has the bolt slots at the proper distance. Your flange may have had concrete or other debris in the slots that had to be removed to give the proper spacing.