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08-17-2007, 03:56 PM
I have four American Standard toilets (from 50's-60's)that all seem to have issues with the guts--flappers,chains,arms,tank balls...
I am on septic/well with half the house getting a bit lower water pressure than the other half but it never seems to matter.Clogs and pressure are not an issue,so far.
My question-- Are the "guts" of the TOTO different and more reliable than what I have now? I am slowly going to rehab the bathrooms and would consider the upgrade but do not want more of the same innards.I am sick of broken chains,etc.
In smallish bathrooms would you suggest one-piece or two piece and which is easier to install/maintain?
Thanks in advance.

Mike Swearingen
08-17-2007, 04:14 PM
I would only highly advise you to search through all of the "Toilet" and "Plumbing" categories on this and as many DIY websites as you can before changing out your toilets. They are easy to "rebuild" with inexpensive, readily available parts.
I'm not a professional plumber, just a long-time DIYer, so I don't sell toilets nor am I an expert on them.
My opinion on them is already on this category here. LOL

08-17-2007, 05:04 PM
Most toilets use fairly standard parts.
Toto uses a 3" flapper and a fill valve.
At Lowes you will see the Korky Quietfill and the Korky 3" flappers on the parts isle.
There really isn't a magic setup that has no maintenance.
Sooner or later, you all need replacement parts, no matter the brand.